Guys, Could you please GUYS answer this question?

"what is the element in a girl OR yr relationship with her that made you fall for a SPECIFIC girl?"

"At what moment did you realise that she was THE one?"

'why her and NOT another girl?"

Be accurate, thoughtful and honest please.


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  • 1. The way she looks when she's happy
    2. The way she looks when she's concentrated,
    3. The way she does her little dance when she thinks she's alone making breakfast and then suddenly stops when she realises that I entered the kitchen
    4. the way she says she isn't cold but I see her freezing and then I give her my jacket and I see her tiny hands come out of the jacket and they aren't freezing anymore
    5. The way she walks/ moves in general
    6. Even the way she is having an argument or fight with me (grabbing my face and turning it towards her when I look away saying "look me in the eyes" when she gets mad)
    7. The fact that she won't even care answering or talking to other guys (for example in the gym) even though I didn't even ask her to. She simply is like that. She simply ignores them and doesn't care that people call her arrogant for it.
    8. The way she is grabbing my arm when we're having a walk in the city for example. She tucks her arm into mine.
    9. When I want to look better for her and look for protein shakes and stuff in grocery stores and she gives me a soft hug telling me that I "dont need that crap."
    10. Simply her unique way of showing me that she loves me in her own way.

    • that is soooo cute, thanks for answering.

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    • That is so nice of u. cheers ;)

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • For example this girl I was talking to I thought she was perfect, she was smart and funny, she liked to joke around and was always honest, and she could understand the things I talked about, and beauty doesn't matter when you're talking about this stuff either

    • are you in a relationship with her now?

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    • at first it was the same thing just passing time , but then I started to notice all the things that i explained before so I complemented her about all that and I'm guessing she noticed that I didn't talk about her body (believe me a lot of guys tried to talk to her for mainly that reason) and she kept talking back and so on. few months later after we talked a lot, like everyday we'd text for at least and hour. Eventually my friends found out that i was texting her and they were surprised and thought I was dating her but I wasn't really. It kept going and going to the point where a lot of people at my school knew about us and thought we were dating, we really weren't but it's whatever but something happened after about a year to where we don't talk anymore, it wasn't anything bad i just don't want to type anymore

    • That is soooo sad... How come it ended while it started going well? jealousy? awkwardness? feeling things were going nowhere?

  • 1. Her beutyful smile and the way she's always so cheerful

    2. When we spent almost a whole day together, chatting and asking each other questions

    3. There's no good answer to this one. There's billions of people on this world and we fell for one. Maybe it's fate, maybe it's animal nature. I don't know, and I don't really care

  • I spent well over a year getting to know my current girlfriend before we even met. There was nothing specific per say, but we are so alike we enjoy all the same things and share the same opinions and I couldn't ask for a better person to share my next 60/70 years with.

    • You didn't feel any attraction, chemistry or anything?

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    • by the way, I know you're young but you look really hot haha ;)

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thank you 😢😢

  • 1. Character (the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual) that suits me so we could develop each other all the time (logically & emotionally).

    2. When I know her character suits mine. I will not ask her to be my girlfriend when I didn't know yet. But when I know it, I will pursue her.

    3. At this time, I didn't find it yet. But if I have found it, my answer is..
    Because only she who could develop me. And at the same point, I believe I could do the same to her.

  • Easy. We walk and talk and laugh, and they're at ease in their own skin. They know who they are.

  • Peppiness and spunk. Full of energy.


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