Girl in college that I like and who likes me goes quiet on me? She is not over her ex?

This is a situation unlike any I've ever heard of so, get ready.
I cannot put all of the details into 2000 characters, so I will be brief and you should take some stuff at face value.
First of all, she likes me, a lot. I can see it in her eyes, her body language, her words... But she is trying to not like me it seems.
Basically, she has an ex that she had dated for over a year and she is not completely over him. She initiated the break up because she felt nothing for him, but she started to have feelings for him again after breaking up.

She says that she likes me a lot more, but she says that she probably only likes me more because I'm new.

Because she says this, I have kept in contact because she is very special to me. We have a lot in common, we can talk for hours and have a good time (even now), and we both really like each other.

But she has been hot and cold over the past 3 months.

To start, when she broke up with her boyfriend, I asked her out.
She excitingly agreed, but on the day we were going out, she flaked and I caught her with her ex by random chance. When I confronted her via text, she said that she wanted to give her ex another chance before starting things with me.

So I canceled the date that she wanted to reschedule to tomorrow and a few days later she texted me and was sorry and said she liked me more and all that.

So we talk again, but then she goes distant weeks later and I go silent. A week later she texts me how she wishes she had just broke things off with her ex once and for all, but she is just unable to do it.

So I start to talk to her again until 2 weeks later I ask her to hang out over the weekend.
She did not respond.
She ignored me for days.
Then, since I was very hurt, I sent an essay about everything I wanted to say that had built up over the past 3 months. No reply. A few days later I clarified and said I was not mad at her (I'm not) and agreed to stop talking for now.
No reply, of course.

So now what? Cut ties completely?
Additional info:
I'm a senior, she is a freshman (21, 18 ages). So she is probably just very immature, but we get along well so that is what has kept us interested with each other. (and I rarely like other people this much, 2nd time in my life)
Her ex is another freshman that she dated back in high school.


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  • Show up at her place and talk to her. She can’t leave you on read there. If you want to pursue her, then you have to take action instead of waiting around. Have a nice day, and good luck!

    • Well, I confronted her as she was going to class. I just said hello and how are you... She said hi and good, quietly, and avoided eye contact.
      She has not been like this before, so I will give her some space and time and see how it goes.

    • Maybe, or maybe she realized that she likes you, but does not know if you like her. Pretty much the same situation that you’re in, but now she could be in it too. She does not know how you feel, so she does not know how to act around you.

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