Hi all I want to date a girl but I am afraid she would refuse. please could you advise me how to do it?


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  • Take a chance. Just honestly take a chance. You'll never know if you don't try. Be straightforward with this girl. Girls like when guys are direct, just not TOO direct.

    • Yes I agree with you i will be straightforward with her and i am not going lose anything if she refuse

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  • I mean, not making a big deal out of it is best. Just very, calmly and confidently at a relaxed but not inconvenient time if she wants to go on a date.

    You can do this different ways, depending on her nature, or yours:

    You can choose to use the word "date" or not.

    E. g.
    1. Would you like to go on a date sometime?

    2a. Would you like to hang out sometime?

    2b. Would you like to grab a coffee/lunch after work/shift.

    "Date" is more formal, and traditional and adult-like, and "hang out" is less formal and is used if your under 18, generally because of its informality. Getting a coffee is inbetween: more relaxed, less formal but is adult-like.

    If she says no, just say something like "okay, no problem, I was just wondering" and move on to the next girl

    Or you could use an emotive/imperative voice, and say "hey, let's [go on a date, grab a coffee, hang out]

    To avoid a painful rejection if you really do like her, just before you ask her out, become detached from the outcome. You have to pretend that getting a girl means nothing to you. And if she says no act like it doesn't even matter to you and even just move right along and ask another girl out the next day.

    To avoid a painful rejection, you have to act like womem are meaningless to you and her not going out with you didn't mean a thing to you. Be relaxed like you don't give a fuck. Almost like they are currency and don't mean a thing to you because you already have so many.

    A woman is an addition to an already good life, not something that will make your life good.

    If you handle it well and play it off like a pimp, this may at a later date get her interested in you, because she is bemused at how you handled it.

    Have some ideas in mind for a date beforehand though.

    Good luck!

    • Pretend like you were wondering if she was interested on going out on a date, almost like she was giving off signals that she wanted to and you are curious. Not like she was giving off signals and you are interested, because then she will think your creepy for not being able to read body language.

      Or pretend like you're just trying your luck and have no shame if it goes badly.

      If she's totally out of your league, then she'll think your stupid, silly, and creepy for even trying. Remember, what a female thinks creepy is, is different from actual creapy.

      And don't say "[name], I like you!" Because you'll get fucked if you do that cause she'll think its a confession of your love. I made that mistake once and fuck me don't do it!

      Just be smoothe af

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  • You should pay attention to little hints details like if you move close to her does she move away or does she lean closer to you? Does she always smile and laugh when your together?

  • Give her food. 😂

    • lol, good advice

    • Well personally food will do for me. It's not hard for me to get along with a guy because I prefer being with guys than being with girls as friends. Guys that liked me in the past didn't have a hard time asking me out and I'm pretty straight forward towards telling them if I like them or not. They appreciate my honesty. I never ended up hurting a person. They're all my friends now. :)

    • Yes that good thing to be straightforward because am not going to lose anything if she refuse. But if she accepte I will give her food everyday to become fat girl 😉

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  • Refusal is party of life. It's like applying for a job, you may or may not get it. If you don't it doesn't stop you applying and looking for work. Same thing if a girl does the you down keep it moving. You'll find your perfect match


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