Why hasn't she read my Facebook message?

I just met this girl from class yesterday and she wanted my Facebook so she added me and I sent her a message the next day it's been six hours and she hasn't even read it wtf? I don't get it what am I supposed to do?


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  • Chill out dude. She has a life


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  • It's impossible for anyone here to know, you know that. All we can do is guess possible reasons in the same way you can. It's really best not to worry about it. What she does is her business, just focus on yourself and if she replies, she replies.

    Given she was the one who was interested and actually asked for your facebook an added you, it is strange. She should get back to you. If she doesn't, forget about it.

    • I do have old pictures of my ex on Facebook would that be why she hasn't text me back

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    • This girl I asked out for dinner said she'll let me know though because she works on Saturday is that her way saying no?

    • So you asked her for Saturday and she said she'll let you know? It depends dude, she could have just said no if she didn't want to, so there's definitely a chance she's down. But I guess it's just more waiting for her to let you know.

  • You should kill yourself because if you're this possessive now god only knows what horrors would await any woman with the misfortune of meeting you.


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