Asking crush what her idea of a perfect first date is, then ask her to go?

So my idea to ask out my crush is to ask her what a perfect first date would be as if I'm seeking advice for another girl. Then ask her to go on said perfect first date. This sounds good in my head but I , want others opinions. My other idea is to take her to subway for lunch at work (only place around) and joke about it being a date, and hope it turns into one What does gag think? Go or no go? Girls thoughts around my age much appreciated.


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  • That's a no. Don't joke about it being a date or whatnot, that comes off as insecure and she's going to be confused or just think you're a wuss for not just going for it. Do you think James Bond would joke about a date being a date or not? Don't think so.
    You're young so I have no idea what date options you have, but please don't take her to subway. You need to find something else, like maybe a picnic, or ice skating, or arcade... etc. Taking a girl to a cheap chain restaurant is no way to win her heart. I know money is probably tight for you so go with the more thoughtful fun route. As for asking her out, just ask her out, no reason to ask her what her perfect date is, you're just going to be putting her on the spot. Ask her if she's doing anything this weekend and if she sounds free say "I want to take you out on Saturday at x time, what do you say?"

    • Thanks man probably saved me lol

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    • Thanks, still sux though I've had a crush on her forever.

    • I know buddy, it hurts doesn't it? I've been there, almost everyone has. I know it sucks now, but that will go away, time heals all wounds. Next time you start having a crush on a girl, hit on her asap and ask her out asap. Girls know whether you're their type within the first few minutes of meeting you so don't hesitate. The longer you hesitate, the stronger your feelings become, and the more it hurts if it doesn't work out the way you planned.

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