Girls, do you have any idea why men who struggle with chronic loneliness and "involuntary celibacy" don't ever stop and think "maybe it's me?"?

Instead they come on here and cry about how horrible women are.

Girls only cuz I know I'll get 100 replies from angry guys with their BS about how women are horrible. So lets see it from a women's only perspective!


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  • I've realized recently that guys, for the most part, will not take ownership of the fact that they perhaps may be undesirable. A guy I knew a few months ago told me he contacted management at Tinder, OKCupid, and Plenty of Fish because there was "no way" he wasn't getting matches, and that they withhold your matches because he had everything a woman wants and hadn't gotten anyone. It's absolutely ridiculous.

    • Lmao that's hilarious!

    • It is. Tinder didn't work for me. My first thought wasn't "Something's wrong! I'm a catch, this is bullshit!" It was "Well this platform isn't working for me, so I'll find another one." When I wanted to find someone, I found someone. There's millions of lonely people out there, and if you're so desperately lonely, you have to re-evaluate everything. Your standards, how you present yourself, what you're willing to put up with, etc., and give unlikely people a chance. I chose to give a shot to a guy who's opening line was about pineapple on pizza, which I hate, and we've been together for four months now. The guy I mentioned continued to stick to his literally written out list of standards and had a much harder time.

  • yup, its a huge problem with all these "groups" (feminists, mgtow, incels, etc.) they can't get past their victim mentalities and the "oh woe is me" attitude. It's much easier to blame others than to reevaluate and change ourselves accordingly. Whining will never achieve any success.

  • Because it’s easier to blame others for things we’re unhappy about than to reflect on what the actual problem is and what we can personally to do fix it


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