Is there any hope for this to turn into a relationship?

So I dated this guy for a short time & then he broke up with me because he said we went too fast (we started dating a week after we met) & he just wanted to get to know me better before we got into a relationship. So 8 months later we’re still friends. We talk basically everyday & we’ll see each other when we both have free time. & when we do see each other we make out. Lol but recently he told me that losing me would be his loss. About a month ago he told me every time we’re together he falls for me again. Then I told him I loved him a few weeks ago. He didn’t say it back. He’s obviously confused. Do you guys think that there’s any hope for this turning into a relationship?


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  • Oh bullshit he isn’t confused. Tell him to commit or you’re gone

  • Sounds like he wants a casual relationship. Or he wishes you had a penis.


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