Is she stalking me or is she jealous?

I approached this girl name Chey i was attracted to. I asked if she has a boyfriend, she said she did, so i was like cool, no big deal moved on and pursued other women who were available. Some time pass by, she told me she broke up with her boyfriend and she had a feelings for me, but she has another boyfriend. I asked why she didn't confess her feelings when she broke up with the first boyfriend? she said didn't tell me because she didn't know if I liked her, she she assumed i had a girlfriend and I told her i didn't have a girlfriend. She told me to not give up hope on her, you never what will happen in the future. I told her i like her but I'm not going to make you leave your boyfriend and I will continue to date other women.

Some time after that, she followed me on twitter. later on she followed my private twitter, but she didn't initiate a conversation. Unless she contacts me directly, I don't initiate a conversation.

I have a friend name Yanna, she's beautiful (Jamaican/Cuban) nice body, we took photo together in miami, she had on a bikini and I posted it on facebook. Right after I posted found out that Chey sent Yanna a friend request. Yanna told she sent her a friend request.

mind you she has a boyfriend. Is she jealous or is she being a stalker?


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