What does this even mean?

So before I go any further I’m 26 and have only been in one relationship with a string of “almost relationships” (if those are considered real things). I’m currently talking to a guy right now who I knew back in high school. He recently told me I needed to do other stuff to make things even between us. He said he wasn’t talking about sex, which is something that’s not up for discussion right now anyway. I don’t know what this means and he feels I should. I’ve asked my friends and they don’t even know.

Twice we’ve had this discussion this week and I’m honestly just lost because all he is saying is that I should know which is doing nothing but making me feel bad that I don’t. Honestly by this time I feel like maybe we’re trying to force something that’s not meant to happen.

I know the scenario is vague because it really is but does anyone have any idea of what he is talking about?


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  • Did you do something in the past (maybe in high school) that he disliked and believes you need to make it up to him? Otherwise I wouldn't put up with him. Tell him he needs to be straightforward and honest with you if he wants a stable relationship. Especially if this is making you feel bad let him know how you feel about this, because what he is doing is frankly kind of mean and just plain weird

    • Thanks. No I didn’t do anything in high school that I know of. Just wasn’t ready for a relationship back then. I will take your advice and talk to him once more.

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