Is it acceptable?

So let's say you are in a relationship with someone who works a normal amount of time, not more or less than you. And on one of there days off there is a day they like to spend just sitting around doing nothing but video games all day and well into the night, and they also will not take you anywhere or go with you anywhere on this day.

How would you respond to this situation?
What would be the ideal dynamic with this situation?
Would this be a deal breaker and if not what would make it a deal breaker?
If it is an issue how would you address it?


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  • It depends, if you see each other on weekdays, after work, then taking one of the day offs isn't that bad. After all, we all need some time for ourselves or to spend it with our friends or family. But, still, I think he shouldn't mind you being with him, the two of you could play videogames together or something. It just seems like he isn't trying hard enough.

    • How would the situation change if it were the girl not the guy

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    • Lol, yeah figured, just had to ask cause I wanna make sure the answer isn't just gender bias

    • Oh, it's fine... Better be dead sure than sure dead lol

  • Sounds like he isn't trying very hard. I personally would put more effort into someone i cared for. Might not be deal breaker but would probably be worth talking to him about

    • Ok, but let's say the girl you were dating was the one who had such a day, what would you do?

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    • Lol no no, you miss understand. I am not in a such a relationship and I have been suggested (while mildly) that if I was I would be the one with the video game day. I'm simply asking to see what others think of it.

    • Oh! Ok I get you know lol. Well you got my perspective lol. it works both ways

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