How do you date in today’s world as a mixed raced individual?

Ok so I’m half white and half black and I never have had much of a dating life cause I could never figure out where supposed to turn. I’m not accepted by white women and instantly rejected and it’s the same situation with black women and you really have to look to find biracial women. So like I posted how do you date with so much hatred in the world based on race and so limited options


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  • Listen what I had to learn as a person who so-called mixed race is that there is no such thing as race according to God. You are a human being and you are who you are. So if your skin color is an issue for people then they are not deserving of you and that's just the fact. And besides you don't want a person who only going after you because of your looks alone. If everything that you've been doing involves you approaching women who reject you then you need to stop approaching them. If they are interested and learning more about you they would approach you themselves.

    • I have always heard it was the mans role to approach

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    • And you most certainly don't want to waste the time of the people who have intentions for dating. Such as been wanting to get married or have kids.

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  • Well, number one. You find someone who doesn't give a fuck. If all that defines you is your race, then they aren't worth it. I'm mixed race and I have absolutely no problem with dating. You're either going after the wrong people or blaming the fact that you're mixed race for an underlying issue

    • It’s always came back to my race. I’m a great guy and when I say that I’m not trying to be arrogant I’m nice I love to make people laugh. I’m very good at my job right now to the point where they wanna make me a supervisor and I’m also in nursing school and lastly had a couple women think I was a dad lol I don’t know why but they did

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    • Doubt it. You seem like a decent guy, you just gotta find someone who gives no fucks 😂

    • Not likely lol

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