I like this guy but dont know if he likes me can someone give me advice on what guys do when they like a girl?


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  • The general, the social stereotype is that the guy is the one who does the asking, expected to approach first and ask first.

    However, this is frustrating as fuck, and very often just means he won't get the very subtle easy-to-misinterpreted hints. Be direct, be obvious, be bold.

    The problem is that the system favours the 1% of guys who are overly confident, cocky and often an asshole bacuse of this. Meanwhile the remaining 99% filled with that 'good guy' every girl wants is too shy to approach, or at least less likely to try, because the cokcy dude is way more 'masculine' or 'attractive' so there's no point trying to compete, or because they aren't too sure if you actually are interested because the vague hints weren't enough evidence.

    Long story short do a little bit of asking and hinting too, don't risk him moving on just because you didn't say anything.

    The best way to find out what someone thinks is to ask them


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  • I usually stare and to show that I’m shy I look down in terror lol. No but for real if he looks at you and his eyes light up or he gets scared he likes you.

  • Depends on the guys attitude, he might try to simply talk to you or might just look at you sometimes

  • Around your age.. avoid her hahaha (seriously)


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