I don't know if my tinder girl likes me or not, help pls😓?

So... I've been getting pretty deep into tinder and as a part of that I've down a good bit of research as to how to get a number as fast as possible. My methods have been working. I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far though 😥. I got this girls number in under 15mins, and now I don't know wtf to do with it. I'm actually really socially awkward and super shy. Tinder punishes these people because of its design to say the least. So I basically acted as though I had a lot of confidence and got a few numbers. I fucked up when talking with her I believe because now she's saying she needs to figure out when she's free next week so we can go to a bar. Is she not interested? Also how can I keep her interested before the time? Remember I'm really bad at being natural and acting like a normal person. I'm too analytical😖... ask me to message you if you want to see the specifics.


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  • Well that's your first mistake people hide who they are on social media and it'll be hard to know for sure only time and really meeting up consistently will ever tell you the truth

    • I can't tell if you ment to post on this or the other comment?

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