How much pain would you endure to be with your beloved?

This is in terms of socially, politically, religiously, and financially.
Although socially is the hardest part for me since moral and also about her dignity within the society.

For example: (this is not locked within socially, this in in all terms)
- you hate tattoos (and she looks ugly) but she has one and she seem to love it.
- you're a virgin and want a virgin partner but your beloved turns out to be an ex slut (slept with many males).
- you want her to stop using drugs but she's addicted and don't want to stop.
- she's a die hard pro-government power. (Love having the government more power over it's people).
- she's a die hard democratic socialist (a. k. a socialist capitalist just don't want the bad name).
- she's a narcissist.
- she's a sex addict but she's bored with you (so basically she wants to try other male and have you get cuckolded).
- she's a die hard Christian/Muslim/whatever and you have to join theirs to be with them for life.
- she's a pro-abortion (loves to deny the right to live of a lump of cells).

Etc too much. Tell me what's your limit of a person's doing to deny your beloved love?


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