Is it possible that a guy rejected a girl but a year later he likes the girl and confesses to her?

I'm into a guy. I confessed to him but he rejected me politely. He said he liked my personalities. He thinks I'm good-looking. I'm the one he feels connected with. But he doesn't want a long-distance relationship. He really asked for staying friends. Is there a chance that he will have feelings for me when we meet again and live in a same country after 1 year?


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  • Ofcourse... that's my story actually...
    I was friends woth this girl for 2 years... and we were like besties... we expressed our fellinsgs for each otuer but we both found that we don't wanna be in ldr... we both have to leave for our college that are in different cities the next week... we valued our friendship more than a risky shot and we still are nice friends...
    We don't have any plans of getting together because who knows if we will be om the same page again or not... but i think that i did develop feelings for her once and vice versa , how difficult would it be to fall for her again...

    But it's not lIke i or she is keeping any expectation... we both are realistic people and quite open to each other so... so i have no idea where we are in future and i don't think it's too bad!

    • Your situation sounds quite same to mine actually... But the guy and I just knew for 2 months. But we really feel related to each other. He didn't say that he liked me or into me. He just said I was good-looking, smart, nice, have my life goals and I was someone he could really share his opinions with. I don't know he meant "You're a nice person but I'm not that into you" or "Girl, i'm into you but I don't want you to keep the expectation from me". I don't know if he rejected me because he had no feelings for me or he didn't want to take risk in a long distance relationship.

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    • Melbourne?

    • Yep yep!!! That's me!

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