Questions about online dating?

So recently I've set up a profile and started browsing around. I've messaged a few people but not the girls that really interest me (not that the one's I messaged don't interest me though). I've got a few questions first.

I turns out that everyone's a huge success online! Especially the prettier girls. Seems they demand a really successful guy who's going places and has really big plans.

Thing is, I'm in university. I live at home (why live in res when I'm in the same city?) and don't own a car but usually have access to one. I don't have a job, I find that it's hard enough to get good grades without one. I DO want to make something of myself but I'm disillusioned with my major or no longer know what I want to do with my life.

So although I have a pretty good personality, I feel kind of inferior when all the profiles that interest me say they want a hard working guy with a job and a car and ambition. I'm not lazy but I'm at a crossroads in life.

So do girls say this stuff just to weed out the creepers and the real losers or are they flexible? Would I be wasting my time?


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  • Girls are picky. Really, really picky. They get worse with online dating it seems. The only way you'll probably have a chance is if you use a good site like eHarmony. Not the free ones.

    Unless you're hot. Then go for it. You'll succeed.