What shall I do?

So I've been talking to this girl for a while now, we met on an online dating site and hit it off straight away. There's a bit of a distance between us, so we haven't met yet. We were in the process of organising a date when something happened in her family and she asked for some space. Bit annoying but understandable.

A few weeks later and we're talking again, last night we admitted we liked each other. Or we like each other as much as we can without meeting anyway. We suggested we did something about it, but she asked to wait until things had settled down with her and her family.

Personally I'd really like something to happen between us, and she does too. Do I wait it out or move on?


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  • If you really want something to come out of it then I'd say wait for her! Obviously don't leave it too long if she's taking forever, but it's best to try rather than be wondering what could have happened if you'd waited?

    • That was my thinking, thank you

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