Will you date an Arab guy just for financial gain?

To be honest with you a lot of people in my country when they see a white girl who dating an arab guy they say “ she dating him just because his money “
“ she is a gold digger “ Is that right? I don’t like to judge on people this is why I asked
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  • Where do you live? If it's the emirates or something similiar, chances are that most girls date these guys for financial gain. 'cause let's face it 9/10 people that live there that have a shit load of money have no clue how really poor people live there.

    Of course not all girls are a like.. and sure there are some who really love their guy.

    Anyways , I know I won't date a rich arab guy. Just for the simple fact that I'm very independent and stubborn. I hate rich guys in general, I prefer to work hard instead of leeching of of the success of others. And I just dont see myself dating an arabian guy... the cultural differences are gonna be a huge clash.

    • I'm a saudi , and not rich

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    • Yeah I know, most saudi's live in poverty hence why I really dislike the rich people in general that live there and spend millions everyday... They could feed millions of people but instead they spend it on dumb items, like buy a 10th car.. like wth.

      Myself, I live in the Netherlands. So I have honestly no idea what it's like to live there. But I've seen a documentery that showed the other side of the emirates.

    • You are great, i like people who take care of poor people like u do , respect to u

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