Should I date my cousin's ex?

A little bit of history: My cousin is George and his ex from years ago is Vickie. I dated Vickie's sister Yvette at the same time. We also broke off our respective relationships at around the same time.

Years later, my cousin has a 2 year old son with his fiance. His fiance leaves him and now single again. Vickie and Yvette reconnected with George and say they want to hang out. Specifically, Vickie tells George she saw my instagram and wants really get to know me! George says he has not problem with this but I'm not sure.

Should I date my cousin's ex if he says he's ok with it?

P. s. She's super hot
  • Do it, it's ancient history
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  • Don't do it, George is too fragile rn
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  • Date Yvette, she's hot too!
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  • Not so much that it’s ancient history, but if both her ex (your cousin) and your ex (her sister) are okay with it, then do it.


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  • Don't do it


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