Girls, how do I look for a girlfriend?

I don't want a relationship for a woman's looks, but don't want to ask random girls either. How do I start my search?
By the way, I've tried online dating in many areas including tinder. I never got the slightest reply.


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  • Either you could ask friends to hook you up with someone and set a blind date or you do start talking to random girls.
    You could talk to them everywhere actually, just casually starting a conversation and see how it goes, don't go after this like "I have to find a girlfriend" go more like meeting new people and see what could happen.
    Also if you have a certain hobby and are member of a group you could meet there people, I mean like you like to read books and are part of a book club or when you're in a tennis group or something like this

    • 1) I have no friends to "hook me up".
      2) I'd feel too silly asking random girls to be able to start.
      3) I doubt there are any video game clubs with a decent amount of girls to choose from.

    • 2) Two days ago I was sitting in the train and this guy infront of me had cards with him and headphones and I just started talking. Not interested in him, but I was bored.
      See you can everywhere just start talking about random stuff or small talk, they will tell if they're annoyed, just try it out
      3. Aren't there some fantasy or game stores? Like we have that here and there're enough girls, just when you go there look around for the games and if you see a girl ask her what she likes to play and sure the conversation will start and go on from there.

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