Long distance relationship with my high school heart?

She shot me down in high school. But we reconnected after three years. Became really great friends. Shared almost everything about our lives. Then I asked her out. She agreed even though she didn't have any strong feelings for me. She said she loves the way I love her. In her last last relationship she dated a rich guy. But she said he mistreated her, used her and neglected her. I am just an average guy with a regular 9-5 job. But for her, she is really beautiful and gets hit on all the time. I can't help but feel insecure about myself and my financial situation. I truly love her and just want to see her happy all the time. Sometimes I feel like I am not enough for her. I've talked about it to her and she told me to stop acting childish. But still this feeling won't go away.


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  • If you were 19 and I didn't know any better I would have sworn you are my boyfriend, how you talk and feel about her and yourself is exactly like him, and we are also in a LDR. Personally its kinda nice to know he feels like that, but its also depressing because I don't want him to be insecure about himself. Often he says I deserve better and that he doesn't want me to wreck my life being with him instead of some one else. Though I love him and do hope for a future together. After a year of being best friends with him did I then get feelings, I love him because of his personality.
    So does she really love you Or just the attention from you?

    • I can't tell if she loves me or not but I can say one thing for sure that whatever she has for me is genuine. She ignores and avoids me here and there but doesn't like it when I do it. She hot and cold but that just who she always been since I've known her and it goes back to kindergarten. I don't think she is seeking attention from me. She does want to settle down with me and she has told this to her parents and everyone close to her. My relationship with her is really confusing. I hope you understand.

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    • She's straight for sure. We are very open about everything. Well the thing is, before getting into the relationship she told me she need time and would like to take things slow. I agreed to the terms. I can't just force my feelings on her. Im just being really patience with her. She is not very good at expressing herself. There hasn't been a single day without FaceTime. She has never ignored my call or text.

    • I know its really confusing

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