Why does he always bring up the fight?

I had a fight a month ago with the guy I'm kind of seeing, and he's not dropping it. He said it reminded him of the time he fought with his ex girlfriend (who later on cheated on him) and was around the same time frame. He said because of it he became reluctant, and can't let it go. Every time he acts normal, he starts throwing a fit. He tells me he still wants me, and wants to make this work, but then he goes back, and starts acting distant. He says its in my hands to prove to him that I want this. What should I do?


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  • Youv say kind of seeing then go on to explain it like it's a little more serious. If your just kind of seeing him you shouldn't be fighting like this for one. Two for not being too serious he seems a little crazy. Seems like something you should let go of now rather then later. It'll just get worse.

  • Either play ball or dont


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