Why are women afraid to fall in love or panic?

This happens to me all the time everytime. I go on a dating site i click with a few girls and as i get to know them I've notice that they are beginning to have feelings for me to the point where they panic and say either "we shouldn't talk anymore or i feel better just to be friends" and i am one of the nicest guys in the world or i get stood up and i get no further contact. Why are most women like that


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  • Maybe they see red flags in you, or you're moving too fast. Let the girl take the reins from here on out in my opinion

    • Looks like i need to take dating 101 cuz normally the red flags were that i didn't have a car before

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    • And i don't know what jail is like and i don't drink

    • But good to know

  • They just like the attention


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