Is he holding back or just putting in minimal effort?

Sooo... meet this guy online. Coffee meets bagel. He liked me first. I liked him back and started a convo because I felt we had a lot in common. We messaged back and forth for 2 days with about 30 messages. When I saw there was no end in sight I offered my number and told him to call me. He did that night. We talked for an hour nonstop and had really great conversation realizing we have everything in common. We spent most of the time laughing hysterically. I got of the phone feeling elated. Not often do I have such a good quality convo with someone. Online dating is hard right? So he said he would call the next day. He didn't. Instead he texted me starting at noon which I was kind of bummed that he didn't text me sooner, but at least he text. He gave short 3 word questions or answers to my questions. I felt really hopeful but it seems that he's putting in very little effort. He hasn't asked to meet or even alluded to it. I hate to but Should I just give up on him and move on? I feel like I have to pull it out of him sorta. Oh and the first night after we talked I tried a little dirty texting, he would give responses like "oh really" or "that sounds awesome" most men would have been more into it I would think. Looking back I shouldn't have but i wanted to see how he would respond to see if he was attracted to me but it was luke warm at best. Its confusing becsue i sent him more pics of me and he's like "wow your super cute" "i want more pics of you"
i know his ex wife cheated on him for a long time with many different guys. They divorced 2 years ago. He's dated since. What gives?


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  • Holding back


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