Blast to the past. How to ask out a girl you knew as far back as kindergarden?

So I know this girl she has always kinda been in a different league then me. Granted it was probably a self imposed gap but still. At this point in my life I have far more confidence then I did for the 13 years I knew her. The only thing is well she knew back then for 13 years we took the same classes. Back then I was obnoxiouse and a bit of an idiot. I know I have changed a lot but she doesn't. I am pretty sure I already know the answer you all will give but that being said what does everyone think about how I should approach this situation?


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  • Just go for it. 2 weeks ago my mom did sumn crazy. She asked for the number of her HS boyfriend from his cousin. She hadn't seen him in 20 years yet wanted to wish him happy bday. So she text him, he replied, and now they been talkin and goin on dates for the past two weeks lol


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