Do you think I have a chance with her?

This girl that i really like just broke up with her boyfriend after 4 months. and I'm thinking about confessing my feelings. We do have some history together. When she was with her previous boyfriend she flirted with me and we really hit it off. She never mentioned him to me, even when i asked her out more then once. After they broke up i got a lot of mixed signals from her. Thats also at the time we moved into separate dorms on opposite sides on campus and she started hanging out with a guy friend she became very close friends with. They were hanging out constantly and it really prevented me from talking to her because i wanted to be alone with her. When i finally got the chance when i saw her alone in the cafeteria , i went over to her to catch up with her and she seemed very happy about it. After that it was back to mixed signals again. She was hanging out with her close friend and she looked at me a lot but looked away when i looked at her. Then she started dating her close friend but it only lasted four months. i saw her a few days ago she smiled at me but then looked down. She walked past me at the cafeteria recently and gave me a very short smile. I don't know if she's shy or uncomfortable around me but she seems a lot more outgoing around other people. I think iv seen her looking at me a few times lately but looks away quickly when i look back. want to start talking to her again and confess my feelings. Do i have a chance with her?


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  • Any thing is possible, start talking to her again and just ask to hang out one day/evening off campus and have some fun together. If the hanging out goes well then maybe you should think about telling her how you really feel. You never know she may feel the same way about you

    • Thats kind of what i think i will do. But from what I'm writing what does it seem like?

    • It seems like she did use to like you, so give it a try! Good luck, I hope it goes the way you want it to!

What Guys Said 1

  • Consider that you been around her a lot on the good and bad days but I would say you should take it bit slow because she been off on quiet relationship that have her been off/on. I believe you should try talk to her and ask her if she wanna hang out with you to make her forget about what's bothering her ( which was the relationship ). so yea I believe you can have chance with her :)


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