No text back when setting up a date?

So I meet this girl at a gas station. She's obviously attracted to me, we flirt for like a handful of months, then I stop seeing her there (she got fired). Well a month later I find her on this dating site and decide to message her.

she ends up remembering me, gladly gives me her number, and says she's excited to go out.

We had planned on going out yesterday, but she wasn't sure if she could.

I text her back and forth Sunday, we talk a while. I text her Monday, but am busy, so I just quickly ask her if we are good for Tuesday, she's still unsure. I text her Tuesday, she says hey, and when I ask her if we're good for tonight... no response.

I'm thinking of waiting till Friday and getting back in touch, but I just don't get it... was texting her 3 days in a row too much?

she acted so crazy excited, what happened?


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  • There is possibly another guy that she couldn't shake. Her life could be hectic so might not have the time. Most likely she has a boyfriend. Man, if you do talk to her Friday, start a conversation and then after about 5 to 10 minutes, ask her about being stood up. If no response cut ties and let her come to you. If she does have a reason think about and figure if you belief it or not, and leave or stay. It seems odd as hell she just didn't respond as soon as you asked the question.

  • Could be anything, someone else, family, work etc...