Why do guys leave so easily long story?

I'm heartbroken and angry while I'm writting this.. I knew since the begginig we wouldn't be in a serious relationship cuz he knew he would have to leave the country in order to study abroad. The problem was that even though I tried to keep my mind cold and my feelings apart we started talikng more often than usual, we spent more than 2 hours on the phone laughing and having fun and we did a lot of stuff together. He told me that everything between us happens naturrally and that he feels really happy by my side.. I even know his friends dammnit.. Well the last time I saw him I was having a really hard time (I lost a close friend) and he was there for me even when I told him I prefered staying alone. He listened to me and was way more affective than usual it was perfect. Now he is abroad and he just come back and left again.. I talked to him and he said he fell inlove with another girl while he was abroad and thats why he is going aborad again and that he didn't want to hurt me. I told him i dont want to see him ever again I hardly believe he fell inlove that fast but anyways i dont understand how could he walk away so easily? He was the one begginig me to stay the last time ai saw him.. I just dont understand man!


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  • He may not have felt as strongly for you as you did for him.

    • Thanks for your answer.. I should have kept my heart safe..

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  • You would hurt me
    Dont think you hurt you foreign friend. Not ssying its due to you for a split up. You should have seen it comming

    • Thanks for the answer. What do you mean by "you would hurt me"?

    • I mean i would fall in love and if you split up with me i would be hurt.

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