What men is better?

  • younger man that works hard for a future and is to extrovert? has family
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  • adult man that works hard but complains and plays xbox a lot? has no family
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Let's put this in perspective. The guy that plays Xbox obviously has a lot of friends online that he represent many more cultures and ideas than the man with the family can ever know. He has little time to spend with fake friends he could meet in person who care little about him

    • agree, but the man that plays xbox doesn't want their partner to have friends to go out with, because he doesn't but he has friends on xbox...

Most Helpful Girl

  • adult man that works hard but complains and plays Xbox a lot? has no family

    • not family oriented, basically doesn't know much about how people in a oriented family are

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  • Women are trash.

    • 👆👌👏👐

    • they become one to the man that didn't know how to appreciate her...

    • Well, every girl in my past either leave me or she didn’t appreciate me. I can relate x

  • The one closer to me.


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