How do I know if a guy likes me?


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  • 1. Does he not talk about other girls or anything else around you? He may like you if he doesn't, because he doesn't want you to believe he doesn't like you.

    2. Does he get really nervous around you, but not other people? He may like you if he does.

    3. Is he unable to make contact with you? Or does he do it an unnecessary amount? Either may mean he likes you.

    4. Do his eyes dilate when he looks at you? That's a major sign he's attracted to you.

    • Well he likes to try and tickle me every chance he can

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    • Ik they aren't iv had sex with one and know the other enough to know

    • Well if you've had sex with one of them, there's a VERY LARGE chance that they still like you if they're tickling you. The other one is either just very good at pretending he isn't gay, or he does like you.

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