How to reject somebody?

So there's this new guy in my grade and he's known for "dating around". He recently got dumped and now is trying to get me to "hangout with him" (not in a sexual way, just like a date I guess) by going icefishing since we both like to fish. All I responded was "maybe sometime". Advice on how to kindly reject him if he pursues the issue?


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  • You have to make what's called a shit sandwich. The two buns are the things you like about him and the shit patty is the negative. Tell him you think he's a great guy (positive), but you're not available to date anyone right now (negative). Then say you think he's cute so he can find another girl easily.

    • This actually really helped, thank you.

  • You should make your own opinion than the opinion of others. If you feel that strongly then just say you're not interested.

  • Be strait with him

    • I know I need to just tell him no, but he has really low self-esteem right now and I'm afraid of pushing him over.

    • Well you could try to let him down easy but it needs to get the message across

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