After so long, will that bother him if I don’t let him buy things for me?

So, I've been recently in my first real version type of relationship- As I’ve said in recent questions beforehand. I’ve always seen in my life my mom doing everything really and my dad being stingy with his money and running on my moms money. My mom is disabled and of course, with that she comes with a low amount of money she gets for each month. She’s worked so hard in life for what she wanted, that it made her lose her ability to walk normally as an plain Jane can. As I’ve had a boyfriend for not so long, I’ve noticed that he constantly wants to buy me things and take care of me and treat me as if I’m fragile. I’m not used to that so every time I turn him down when he offers, 90% of the time. After so long, would that start to bother a guy? Not letting them do anything for me? What impression am I putting on him? Would that annoy you? Just curious.
Thank you, for whatever input you give me.


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  • Some guys will think you don't want to be in a relationship with them if you don't let them pay, but that's usually only early on. Just be upfront and honest about it and he should understand.


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