She said "I'll let you know" but seems interested?

Met this girl about 4 days ago at a hotel pool, long story short we hung out plenty and slept with me, she kept holding my had often which to me was a sign of interest and enjoyed when i played with her hair.

Anyway today i message her and said "I'm going to ____ tonight to pick up some stuff, its about 5 mins away from your house in _____ so why don't we go get some food?"

her: "roughly what time?"

me: "How does 7/8pm sound?"

her: "are you able to pick me up?"

me: "yeah i can! If 7/8pm works let me know"

her: "sure i will let you know"

I might have messed up by saying "let me know" but I don't know, she was clearly interested in me 4 days ago when she slept with me so.. i hope this "sure i will let you know" message doesn't mean a No.


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  • Mmmm that's a common phrase almost every girl uses. And 90% of the time it's a NO

    • Ouuu Shit. She is a hot af Latina so my hopes aren't crazy high, although she said she really enjoyed sex with me that night and that it's the most intense she ever had, so thats why I've been confused hahahah. Well should i message her "All good for tonight?" in an hour or two (4 hours till the planned time)

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    • Got that "Mom isn't letting me go out this time, but next time you're in my area we will hang out" text. ahahhahaha guess you were right, "i'll let you know" is generally a no. sucks though.

    • She could've told you that earlier. She probably barely asked her mom.

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