How to date when you hate tinder?

Online dating seems to lead to people who don't want relationships, only hookups most of the time. How do you put yourself out there to meet someone in real life? Sick of tinder.


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  • Make friends and meet people through friends. Join groups of similar interests...
    It's not easy, but sometimes you meet someone special when you least expect it. For me, it happens every few years.


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  • just be open to possibilities. the irony of finding someone is it often happens when you are least looking. whereas when you are desperately seeking it never happens

  • Someone had too many one nighters lol

    • Lol not quite. More like I wind up turning a lot of those down

    • I don't think there is any one way to meet a lifetime SO. Maybe church.

      I hear that 50% of relationships and marriages occur in the workplace.

      You could also find an Isreali guy that is looking for marriage to stay in the country. They for sure will never leave you lol

  • Have you tried grindr?


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