I friended my crush on an app called tbh. But he hasn’t friended me back yet should I take this as a sign to move on or should I continue to hope?

I was very quite in middle school and only had two friends and my crush was very well known because he was number one in the rankings and he had a great sense of humor. We never spoke but i would catch him looking at me frequently and i saw him very often during transition time. I never really made a move until two weeks ago when I friended him on this app but he still hasn’t replied. We ended up going to different high schools and I heard that he invited this other girl to a homecoming dance. Should I move on?


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  • He may have deleted the app. That's what I did after a while. If you go to different high schools and he's taking another girl to homecoming, you might want to move on, but TBH isn't your best sign lol.


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