Casual Sex Relationships? Are they wrong?

So, I was in a long term relationship and marriage for about 10 years, all through my 20s... im now 31 and divorced. With my job I travel a lot and being a single father my time avalibility isn't the greatest. Is it bad to only be wanting a casual sex/dating relationship right now as I am trying to focus on my career and myself.

I am honest with all the girls I talk to, they know where I am at with a relationship and how I am not looking for anything serious right this moment.

But I have never had experience with casual sex/dating, so a bit unsure.


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  • As long as you are honest, upfront and open about it, there is nothing wrong with it. Just be aware that it may not stop someone from developing feelings for you and wanting more.

    • Oh no, I totally understand that and it may not stop me either from the same thing, as I am actually a huge romantic type of guy, so I can see that totally happening as well.

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  • as long as all are on the same page, sure


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  • No it’s not wrong as long as you can do that without catching any feelings for her.

  • Do you, always

  • They aren't wrong, as long as both partners are consenting to it. You just need to put all potential feelings aside, because it can get messy when you develop feelings (or she does).


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