What have you found is the best place to meet singles (not at a bar)?

I've been single for a little over a year. I work way too much. In a industry where if a female happens to show up on the job site. Its like Clarece walking to see Hannibal in silence of the lambs... Haha anyway... I rarely get more than one day a week to socialize, see my friends, family and try to meet someone to Im interested in.. Im not against meeting someone at a bar I've just not had the best luck with that in the past. Any hotspots? Bursting with singles? Haha thanks for your time!


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  • You can use social media, dating apps.

    • I know and I have. I prefer to meet in person tho. Guess I should have stated that. Thanks for your help!

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    • Goodnight! 😁

    • Goodnight! 😴💤🌙

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