Am I getting to worked up? Like wtf?

Okay, so this guy and I Met up. And he's a country kid, a gentleman, paid for my dinner, held the door open. Just down to earth guy, and was shy. But his Snapchat points keep going up, and he snaps me often but not that much. And he set up another date he initiated it. He says he's looking for a solid relationship. Should I be worried about it? And he messages me every day asking how I am, and what I have planned. Always keeps the conversation going.


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  • So do you like him or not?

    • I Like him a lot, I've been thinking about him since our date lol.

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    • So like the third date? Should I offer to pay?

    • That would actually be great. Go watch a movie, hold his hands or let him put his hand ober you.

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