Should I give up? :/?

I've liked this girl who I'm really close to for about 10 months now, I was scared to hit her up for months before then too becuase I had a love at first sight feeling. She ended up getting back with her ex and that lasted 5 months and now they are over for good. Most my friends are telling me not to give up but the girl has told me that she doesn't see me like that. We're like best friends, but I don't know what to do at this point...


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  • If she's made it clear she doesn't feel that way, then move on. Hoping for a change of heart isn't gonna work. Just try staying friends with her.

    • It's so hard, her friends tell me not to give up still. This whole thing has been so difficult

    • Nah dude, if you're really her friend you knew this was a possibility. Just tell her it will take some time before things are normal between you two. I'm sure she values your friendship and doesn't want to lose that.

    • That's a good point

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