2nd date confusion?

I’m so confused. He seemed not interested or shy. I guess I shouldn’t complain since he didn’t try to put the moves on me.

First date he picked me up 30 miles away and he drove me 30 miles to a restaurant. We talked, ate, and then talked and drove around for an hour. No physical contact.

Second date was at his house to watch a show we both really like. He fixed dinner and I brought dessert. I sat next to him and he acted like it was ok. I backed off for a bit then nuzzled closer a few times. He finally lightly placed his hand on my leg. Shows got over. We laughed and talked during commercials. He kept yawning so finally I got up and got my stuff. I had asked if he needed to go to bed and he said he was good. He walked me downstairs and then texted glad I came over and be careful driving home.

He’s 29 and I’m 22. Is he shy or not interested? Seems interested 🤷🏻‍♀️ I haven’t dated much so I don't know how things go... I’m just confused. I didn’t want anything to happen but I wouldn’t have minded like hand holding or something.


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  • He is shy. Don't push him to much. But... kiss him and the door step. It's always a great classic moment. :)

    • 😅 I’m super shy. I don’t know how to do that

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    • Lol 😆

    • Good luck :)

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  • He's interested and really likes you but he's not dating you just to bang you, he wants to get to know you more and enjoys spending time with you. Give him more time to warm up or if you are interested in sex... tell him flat out.

    • lol no not interested in sex. 😊 I just need to breath I guess

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  • perhaps he noticed you back away the first time and he did not want to overstep, does he still want to go out?
    i think that since he laid his hands on your leg shows he is interested though.

    i've always wondered, why do people put the emoji's in their stories?
    i seriously dont get the point of these

    • Lol emojis express feelings. The girl throwing her hands up is like “well?”

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    • Lol darn those emojis!

    • I know right 😂😜

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