Two years ago he told me he only liked me as a friend so sometimes I’m distant but things have happened since please read?

A few weeks ago he stayed at mine. It ended up with us both cuddling in my bed. My head was on his chest and he placed his head on top of mine. I thought it was all really weird but we were just close and I thought maybe he just likes being close for comfort. He put his head on mine and stoked my legs etc (he never tried to kiss me) he was just sweet. When he left I gave him a quick hug and he hugged me and stroked my back. He said how he was feeling sad that night and said he appreciates me but always refers to me as a friend. He always gets so moody if I take a long time to reply he says I always disappear but that’s because I’m a really awkward texter and I hate it. Since that night I’ve hardly messaged him, I’ve tried to avoid things because I don’t wanna speak about the night. He messaged me 2 days ago asking if I was okay so I said yes and he sent a message back, we spoke a little bit and I just stopped replying again. Left it unopened so I haven’t opened it. I just never know what to say. I enjoyed my time with him but I’m extremely scared to get hurt and especially with him saying he only liked me a friend before it just puts a dagger on everything. I don’t wanna seem like a bitch though. I don’t know if he likes me or really does just enjoy our friendship.

Please help?
& no I am not going to ask him as I asked him before and I got that answer it literally made the friendship so awkward and it’s taken forever for us to be cool again.


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  • Awkward situation indeed. If he wants you to be just a friend he shouldn't be stressing about texting. wouldn't it be just better to make things clear between you two in private? I know its not the place to say that, but I would. Also he didint make a move while cuddling? doesn't seem like he seeks friendship with benefits. Anyway he friendzoned himself so why would he be so eager to chat. Well try to reply and if you two close just talk this through whats bothering you.


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