Your partner will always find someone to be prettier or more handsome than you. Do you agree?

I don't. I think my boyfriend is the sexiest, hottest guy I've ever seen and no other guy can compare even if he doesn't have a six pack. I've seen some people on here say "There will always be someone who looks better than you to your partner." This is bs. Beauty is subjective, not objective. Even more so when you're in love.


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  • At the start, mother nature forces you to believe that your man can walk on water.
    As your relationship matures, reality creeps in and you see him more for what he actually is.
    Then you can see others by comparison, even if you still love him so.

    • Don't get me wrong, I still have the ability to find other men physically attractive. However, I've been with my boyfriend for years now and I still find him to be the most attractive. Just because you find other women hotter than your girlfriend or wife doesn't mean everyone else finds someone hotter than their partner.

    • I think love influences perception, but it could also just be that you got lucky enough to meet the woman or man of your dreams. In essence, someone who fulfills all of your physical preferences. I couldn't be with someone who finds other women prettier than me. Objectively, no one is the prettiest woman in the world. But, I think I should be the most beautiful woman in the world TO HIM.

    • Yes, love is a strong influence, as is a combined history and outlook that a long term relationship brings.
      We become much more than physical beauty to our spouse.
      And I think that's the argument you are presenting.

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  • Meh, I think so. There are people who are more attractive to me than my partner and there are people who are more attractive to him than me. It doesn't bother me. It doesn't mean we care for each other any less, nor do I feel like it makes our love or relationship any more invalid... I'm cool with it.

    • I certainly don’t find other men more attractive than my partner. They may be attractive, but certainly not more attractive. I couldn’t be with someone who thought other girls were prettier than me.

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    • If l genuinely hurt you with my comment then l apologize. I was merely trying to explain why she might feel like that. When you're in love you tend to have goggles on for that person. I made comments generalizing your relationship, which l agree was not correct.

    • @TopCA I totally get what you're saying and I agree 100%, don't worry about it. OP is probably not visually affected by love like I am. When I'm in love, that person becomes the most beautiful thing to walk on this planet.

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  • I get what you're saying , but recognizing another person's beauty, is not the same as finding that person hot/sexy as your S/O.

    • Of course I find other people attractive. However, no one will be more attractive than the person I love.

    • Yeah that's what I meant... except I didn't explained it properly. Lol

  • Of course


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