You really like a girl, but can't be with her at the moment. Which of these scenarios would bother you the most?

a.) she completely vanishes on social media so you have no way of keeping tabs on how or what she's doing.

b.) she continues to actively post on social media so you can see how she's doing and what she's up to. Basically, you can see she's doing just fine without you.

PS. This is about a guy who I know for a fact visits my page regularly. He can't/won't be with me at the moment so I'm trying to decide if it's fair that I still have my life out there for him to see.


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  • If the feeling is mutual then why would she behave in a way that makes me think she is hiding something from only me...

    Relations have to be built on mutual trust. All three of your choices displays a lack of it in different ways.

    • All three? I only posted two.

      My feelings for him are VERY genuine. I just don't know how else to deal with this. If I remove myself from social media it's going to be from everyone, not just him. If he's curious, he can ask.

      At the same time I can't wait forever and if I keep my social media up, I can't not posting stuff he might not like.

  • none of them, liking is a very different thing, and being in love with her is a very different thing. If i like a girl, then i couldn't care less about any of those situations

    • Why wouldn't he case though if he's constantly checking my page now. If I disappear he'll certainly question things... even if just in his head.

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    • The "likes" and comments are pretty big giveaways.

    • well then maybe he does cares about you

  • Neither would bother me in the slightest. Only thing I'd care about is if she's happy


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