What would you think of a 44 year old guy living with grandma?

I rent a 700 sq ft studio from my grandma. It is fully detached and in her yard. It's in a super nice area and has a pool. I pay her 700 bucks even though a 1-bedroom unit around here goes for $3500.(!)
I'm actually a successful businessman. I own my own home-based business and probably make in the upper 1 to 5% nationally... over 300k pre tax... only working 4 days a week.

My sister says my income is totally out of line with my lifestyle... that I don't spend money as I should and I don't present the appearance of someone in my position to women i am interested in. She says i am stuck in a rut...

I have thought that I'm doing the smart thing for a future family by socking away as much money as possible given that the median home value around here is $1,000,000.
I have this dream of buying my house for cash and not being a mortgage slave.

Stuck in a golden cage!

It would also be nice to live somewhere where there are younger women around that I can meet... instead of where I live.


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  • I also live in a very low rent place. I rent a room from a guy and his girlfriend in their home. They have no idea how much I make as I also have a home based business on the web.

    There are very few single women here as this is a tourist town where the town swells three months out of the year. So I would also like to live where there are more single women.

    My goal is to save more than enough money so I can move to an upper class neighborhood in a tropical climate. I have lived there in the past and, due to a divorce, lost it. Now it is coming back.

    I would not pay any attention to what others say, think or feel about your private lifestyle or choices. They are yours.


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