Is it still 'casual' when he tells you you can stay at his place for a few weeks?

I have an on-off fling with a guy I occasionally see when he visits my country for a vacation. This has been going on for a few years. It's pretty much just hooking up.

But we keep in touch when he is not here (he initiates most messages) and we are on friendly terms. Lately I've noticed that he is texting me more frequently.
He lives in the same country I am originally from and he asks me often when my next visit will be.

I am planning on going home in 2 months and I have told him I'm coming. Not only has he said he wants to see me but he's told me I can crash at his place if I want to (for as long as I like) even though he knows I don't really need a place to stay (I have friends and family I can stay with).

This confuses me a little. Some of my friends think it means he likes me a little more that he wants to show because 'you don't invite people in your house you don't like, especially when you know they don't need a place to stay' and because he keeps in touch frequently.. while others say he's just after easy sex.

What's your opinion?


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  • It's not about easy sex. Living together longer than a week, especially if in normal home (not hotel), always change your perspective on the other person. He most probably know this or have subconscious need to check this out. My bet is he started to look at you in more serious manner. Most guys don't like to keep their flings/FwBs around longer than it's comfortable, and "as much as you want" is way more than that.


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