Why do people snitch?

a what i thought was a friend of mine snitched on me at school to make herself look better in the process. It wasn't any of her business to interfere with my work and she did anyways went to the teacher with 2 other girls and got me and those others a yellow card but she got one too. I have to work with her till February but i kept ignoring her and she keeps wanting me to notice her... how do i handle this situation?


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  • This sounds like high school bs... IF you were doing wrong, you where doing wrong, whether you were caught or not.. its called ethics.. it the way you behave whether anyone is watching or not.. Be ethical and always do right and you won't have these High School dramas.. Right is never easy, but it is sound and nobody can take that away. Ethical behavior will get you much further in life..

  • Tell her snitches get stitches. Make her life miserable


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