Date or not a date?

Please help me figure this out: Ok, there is this guy that some people think he likes me since he asks about me and tells me hey and all.anyway, we have been talking some on Facebook, you know, not too much but some. Anyway, I put my phone number on Facebook (he did not have it before I had not given it to him), and yesterday morning I got a text message from him, keep in mind he had to get my cell phone off Facebook, saying that it was his Birthday and he wanted to be impulsive, get outdoors and take a break from work, and even though I might think he was crazy, and he said that he knows we had never even talked on the phone, but he wanted to know if I wanted to go do something with him for the day, so it was up to me to break the ice (I didn't understand what this meant). He said he would love to have some company. Anyway, I said I'd love to so we spent the entire day together talking, went out to eat for lunch (and he wouldn't let me pay by the way) fishing, and being outdoors. We really had fun but the thing is I don't know if he was just asking me as a friend or was it a date? He said he wanted to get outdoors since he has been working so hard. We had never talked on the phone before or spent time alone until yesterday and we spent the entire day together. I just can't believe that he chose to spend his Birthday with me, it made me feel special and it was kind of a relief to actually finally get to be alone with him since I have been crushing on him. We didn't kiss or hold hands or anything, just hugged and they weren't short but not too long if you know what I mean. He said we will have to do it again soon and he enjoyed it. He also said he would call me before I left and I said I yeah call me anytime. Bottom line: Is he A.) into me and was this a date or was he B.) just trying to get away from everything and be my friend? Also, should I email him and tell him I enjoyed being with him yesterday or would that be pushing it? Please tell me what you think! Thanks!

Ok he texted me yesterday and said, "Went fishing and was thinking about ya.hope you have a good day!" BUT he still hasn't called.what do yall think?


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  • A) YES, it was definitely a date.
    B) He REALLY likes you! There is no doubt about that! ;-)

    Did you tell him you enjoyed yourself before he dropped you off home?. If you did, there is no need for you to call or email him. That is more than enough.

    Good luck!

    • Yes I said I really had fun and I enjoyed it and thank you for spending your special day with me, and we both said we will have to do it again. Thank you so much for responding!! :)

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  • I'm a 34 yo guy and I can say without a doubt this guy likes you, he's just a little shy. Yes that was a date. Have fun and enjoy it.

  • So text him back and tell him to call you or ask you out again. Be a little forward.

    • I am in a place where I don't get good reception so my texts wouldn't go through, so I called him and told him that I tried responding but they wouldn't go through and I didn't want him to think I was ignoring him, so I told him I was going to be at the lake he lives near and he said to let him know when and we would fish or something. But I am just a little upset that he hasn't called, but glad that he at least texted me. He said work is killing him. Since he didn't call I started flipping out

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    • Ok so he works in law enforcement and I waited and waited so I finally called him when he didn't show up and he texted me and said, "Hey, sorry I didn't make it out partner called and I had to go help him...i'll call you in a bit." I AM SO MAD AT HIM FOR NOT CALLING/TEXTING ME EARLIER WHILE HE WAS ON THE WAY BACK AND TELLING ME THAT!! I sat there and waited and I was getting worried.Wouldn't you be? Sorry to keep pestering you, I am just so upset and I seriously doubt he will call me.

    • Sounds like he has a lot of excuses and nothing else. You know, this might be a view of what your relationship would be like with this guy. think about hard before letting yourself fall for this one.

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  • Sounds like he has a crush on you. Ride it out and don't over think it or try to move it too fast. To me it seems like he's interested in you.

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