How do you decipher whether a guy is interested in you or just nice?

Nothing he says to me is super flirty but we talk non stop and have hooked up before. He’s a really nice guy but i can’t tell if it’s just him sticking around for a little while since we hooked up and doesn’t wanna be that guy to just blow me off.


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  • Could be both ways. Hard to tell. Why not be straightforward and ask him. Maybe in subtle way.

    • Haha if I wanted to just do that i wouldn’t be on this site

    • Yea, its second time I say smth like that in like 40 comments I made. Its just hard to tell with info you give. Dont know holis personality etc. Its not a behaviour that usually all males have. Just saying. But I guess I won't be very helpful this time so Ill leave others to it.:x

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