Would you stay?

Let's say your long term bf/gf of 5 years was in serious accident and became severely disabled and could no longer have sex , work, clean after themselves etc. Would you stay in the relationship also would you stay faithful and not cheat. Also if you were married in this scenario would the results be the same?


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  • If that boyfriend of 5 years was my current boyfriend, then Hell yes. No questions about it. I would remain faithful, I would take care of his needs. I would love him just the same. Sex is important to me in a relationship but isn't the most important thing. Love and devotion are.

    I can work and take care of both of us. I can clean up after him, I enjoy cleaning anyway - it helps me relax and I would take care of my own needs.

    I'm sure it wouldn't be as easy as it sounds. Nothing ever is, but it's worth it if you love somebody. Imagine how broken that person would be if you left them because of something they had no control over...


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