Is it time to end things?

Me and my boyfriend have been fighting a lot lately it’s making me super sad. I want things to work and so does he but some days I feel like they just can’t work out. There’s times when he will tell me I can’t hang out with guys without him knowing like even my cousins. He even got mad when I texted his best friend and asked his best friend about him. Then there’s times when he gets mad cause I do something that he told me not to do such as punching something or hanging around people he doesn’t like. But then he goes and does what I told him not to do. I really don’t wanna end things but is there a point that I should after it’s hurting me so much?
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  • That is super common in relationships. Guy is super jeallous and wants to have total control over girl. You are not his property. Dont let him OWN you. This won't work out unless you are like a puppy who listens to an owner wih naiive wish to have true love.

    • So listen to him but set boundaries for how well I listen?

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    • I understand thank you

    • No problem. I hope that helped.

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  • It is time to end


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  • Be honest about howyou feel. If he doesn't respect that or refuses to work on things then cut him loose. You're too young to waste time being stressed out.

  • Its only going to get worse and more creepy from here.


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